Cleaning house is a lot like cleansing the body. It’s a physical and mental experience. For some, it can even be a little spiritual. It’s also a vital thing to do regularly, to prevent the accumulation of harmful energy, karmic waste, and other unpleasant things.

In some ways, cleaning house can help cleanse the body and mind at the same time.

Consider, for instance, the simple act of sorting through old belongings in an attic or basement.

As people grow older, they accumulate things. Old belongings and clothes. Mementos of vacations or other important occasions. The stuff they purchased that, for one reason or another, they wanted but no longer have any attachment towards. Deep down, all of this “clutter” still matters to us on some level.

Cleaning out the storage areas of the house can be an excellent way to shed off the mental weight they carry. Finally letting go of those old gifts from a bad relationship can help you move on. Letting go of items from a phase you regret having is a step towards accepting you are no longer that person.

Cleaning house, in this instance, is putting the past where it belongs. You put it behind you, so you know it is always with you, but it does not impede your path forward.

Things like massage can also be likened to cleaning the house. I particularly like envisioning my weekly sessions as being similar to cleaning my home’s gutters.

Gutters, like blood vessels, can function as a way to get unwanted materials to move into areas where they can be handled appropriately. In the case of gutters, it’s rainwater and debris. In the case of blood vessels, it’s blood cells and lymph fluid.

However, as anyone who has had gutter cleaning knows, sometimes clogs happen. The waste products – whether it’s lymph fluid that doesn’t circulate with the blood or something clogging the pipes – need to be flushed out before they cause harm.

In these cases, getting a professional on the job is a good move. You can click here for a crew that’s good at cleaning out gutters. You’ll have to find a massage therapist yourself, though.

Similarly, you don’t allow toxins or poisons into your body, just as you avoid bringing in dirt and grime from the outside into your home. In so many ways, how a person cares for their body is a reflection of their attention to their home.

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